Mid-Michigan Chapter
Society of Professional Journalists
Article I – Definitions
Section 1
“Chapter” as used herein shall refer to the Mid-Michigan Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.Section 2
The name of the chapter shall be the “Mid-Michigan Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.”Section 3
“Meetings” as used herein shall mean regularly scheduled or special meetings authorized by the Board of Directors, the President or his or her designee.
Article II – MeetingsSection I
There shall be at least six meetings of the Chapter each year, the time and place to be fixed by the Board of Directors, the President or his or her designee. The Board of Directors or the President also shall be authorized to call additional meetings of the Chapter.Section 2
Written notice of each meeting shall be sent to each member of the Chapter.

Section 3
For the transaction of chapter business at any meeting, a quorum shall consist of no less than one-fourth of the total members in good standing.

Section 4

In keeping with the values of the Society of Professional Journalists and to set an example for other organizations, all membership meetings of the Chapter shall be open to coverage by any or all communications media on an equal basis.

Article III – Business Procedure

All actions taken by the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the duly accredited professional members present at any meeting at which a quorum shall be present. Chapter bylaws amendments shall be proposed at one meeting and voted upon at a subsequent meeting, after at least seven days’ written notice of the proposed amendment has been given to the members by the Secretary of the chapter.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1
The officers of the chapter shall be: President, Vice President/Membership, Vice President/Programs, Vice President/Outreach, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2
The President shall be the chief executive of the organization and shall preside at meetings of the Chapter. The President shall have charge of the relations of the Chapter with other organizations and shall have the usual powers and duties of a President in accordance with the spirit of the bylaws. The President shall have authority to require a report from any chapter officer of the organization at any time.

The Vice President/Membership shall organize member recruitment and retention activities of the Chapter. The Vice President/Membership also shall work in partnership with the Secretary to maintain a directory of chapter members. In the absence or in case of the inability of the President to act, the Vice President/Membership shall have all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President or other duties and powers as prescribed by the Board or the President.

The Vice President/Programs shall organize official gatherings of the Chapter, including, but not limited to, professional development sessions, networking events and social outings. The Vice President/Programs shall locate and book appropriate venues for such gatherings, set dates and times and line up speakers and special guests in consultation with the President and Board of Directors.

The Vice President/Outreach shall orchestrate the Chapter’s efforts to reach out to and partner with campus chapters, collegiate journalism programs, interscholastic journalism activities and related groups in furthering the goals of the Chapter. The Vice President/Outreach also shall pursue fund-raising and grant-writing opportunities in partnership with the Treasurer and Board of Directors.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings of the membership of the Chapter and the Board, be custodian of the Chapter records, and perform all duties incidental to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Board. In addition, the Secretary shall see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws or as required by law.

The Treasurer shall be the principal accounting and financial officer of the Chapter. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial books of account for the chapter, be responsible for and have custody of all funds and securities of the Chapter and for the receipt and disbursement thereof, and perform all the duties incidental to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board.

Section 3
Each of these officers is elected annually on an annual basis at a membership meeting at which quorum is present and takes office immediately and shall serve for one year or until a successor has been elected. The retiring Secretary is to notify National Headquarters immediately of the names of new officers elected and dates they take office.

Section 2 4
At least two months before the meeting at which the annual election is to take place, the President shall appoint a committee to nominate officers. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the time of election.

Section 3 5
The President is authorized to appoint committees as deemed necessary. The President may also appoint a newsletter editor and Webmaster to assist with communications activities of the Chapter.

Article V – Board of Directors

Section 1
This Chapter shall have a Board of Directors of seven members. It shall be responsible for the direction and planning of all the Chapter’s activities.

Section 2
The Board shall consist of the current officers of the Chapter and the immediate Past President.

Section 3
The President of the Chapter shall chair Board meetings.

Section 4
The Board of Directors shall be responsible for these basic functions: 1) Membership and attendance; 2) Regular and special meetings; 3) Professional programs; 4) Planning; 5) Convention representation; 6) Cooperation with National Headquarters in all matters furthering the programs and goals of the Society including submission of financial and other reports as required; and (7) the administration of any awards, citations or scholarships deemed necessary.

Section 5
The Board is empowered to meet at such times and places as a majority of its members shall deem necessary. The President may call a meeting at any time and must call a meeting when so requested by a majority of Board members. At least one day’s notice of any meeting shall be given. Four members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of official business.

Section 6
Vacancies among officers due to death, resignation or other cause shall be filled by a majority vote of the Officers present at any meeting at which a quorum is present.

Article VI – Membership

All professional members in good standing with the Society of Professional Journalists shall be eligible for membership in the Chapter.

Article VII – Convention attendance

The Chapter shall be represented at each national and regional convention by the President or his or her designee, provided that person is a Chapter member in good standing.

Article VIII – Dues and fees

Section 1
The amount of local dues to be paid by each member of the chapter shall be fixed by the Board of Directors, subject to ratification by the membership.